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Agrowlyte Use Cases

Indoor Cultivation

Agrowlyte can be used inside controlled grow rooms to prevent powdery mildew and mold.  Plants do not have to be removed from the grow environment as they won’t be affected by overspray.  Agrowlyte is safe to use on ungerminated seeds and all the way through to post-harvest storage.

Green House Facility Treated with Agrowlyte
Wheat Field Treated with Agrowlyte

Field Crops

Agrowlyte has been proven effective to reduce powdery mildew and mold in field crops when used on a regular basis as a foliar spray.  The proprietary blend of potassium salt in Agrowlyte reduces the residuals left on the plants far better than any competitors products that use ordinary table salt. 

Equipment Sanitation and Cleaning

Agrowlyte possesses 100 times the killing power of bleach yet is safe enough to apply without personal protective equipment (PPE).  Agrowlyte has a Neutral PH which will not corrode surfaces or tools, and is strong enough to kill mold, mildew, and their associated spores ensuring tools remain sanitary and safe to use.

Farming Equipment Disinfected and Sanitized with Agrowlyte
Irigation Lines Treated and Spraying with Agrowlyte
Agrowlyte Product Lineup - Gallon, Quart, 4 Ounce

Waterline Sanitation and Biofilm Remover

Agrowlyte is effective in removing biofilm from water lines and is approved to be used to clean Organic Nutrient delivery systems.  Agrowlyte also effortlessly removes and prevents the growth of algae on equipment and watering lines.

Agrowlyte 4 Ounce Bottle Example with Pump Sprayer
Agrowlyte 1 Gallong Size
Agrowlyte 1 Quart (32 Ounces) with Sprayer

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